Bar Snack Tiffin

Chocolate tiffin packed with peanuts, pretzels and Ritz crackers. Topped with salted caramel and chocolate.


Allergen information: Contains dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts  & soya. Suitable for Vegetarians.


Ingredients: Chocolate [MILK], Golden Syrup, Butter [MILK], Cream [MILK], Potato Snacks [WHEAT], Peanuts [NUTS], Pretzels [WHEAT], Sugar, Ritz Crackers [WHEAT, BARLEY], Brown Sugar, Malted Milk Powder [MILK, BARLEY].


Nutrition Information per 100g: Energy(kJ) 1964; Energy(kcal) 470; Fat(g)27 of which Saturates(g) 14; Carbohydrate(g) 50 of which Sugars(g) 34; Protein(g) 6.0; Salt(g) 1.0


Best before: 14 days from day of delivery.

Can also be frozen, in the packaging, for up to one month. Defrost at room temperature.

Bar Snack Tiffin